Washington Minus 3 days

Well here we are in Washington DC at the hotel and getting settled in.  The trip was very uneventful, we got to Heathrow in good time, checked in, boarded in good order and had a really smooth and comfortable flight.  Travelling BA Traveller Plus meant that we had a bit more space and more comfortable seats (thanks to air miles and our savings), which meant we have arrived here without feeling shattered.  The in-flight entertainment also meant that the flight seemed not to take that long.  A comedy film, music, and TV shows plus a bit of sleep.  The hotel is extremely nice and friendly.  The conference organisers have certainly found a terrific hotel for the event, it is really central in Washington and Jeanette is really happy that it has a Starbucks inside to feed her cappuccino addiction.  We haven’t yet had the chance to explore the hotel but will do so tonight.  Tomorrow morning we will need to go and find the print-shop to get the flyers and notices done ready for Sunday.  Hopefully, jet-lag won’t catch up with us.

More tomorrow.

Mark N

Chairman JGSGB

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