Washington Minus 2 days

We have had a chance to explore the hotel and the conference space a little now and it still looks as if it is going to be a good place for the conference.  There are two main floors of conference rooms and lots of rooms on each floor.  The mingling space looks reasonable but we understand that 1200 people have booked to come to the conference, which means it could be a tight squeeze at times.  We had a good breakfast in the hotel before venturing out to the printers to get our publicity material ordered.  These are flyers to advertise the JGSGB “Jewish Ancestors?” Guides and also to advertise JGSGB and JCR-UK.  For those of you that are not familiar with it, JCR-UK is the website – http://www.jgsgb.org.uk/jcr-uk - where we place most of our publicly available Jewish records for the UK.  These include thousands of burial, marriage, school, census and other records for different places around the UK.  We have also been collecting data about each Jewish Community that has existed in the UK.  The flyers are being delivered to our hotel and we will be using them at the SIG/BoF Fair and during the week.  The printer was based in an old shopping mall in Georgetown.  The manager, Jean, told us that he had lived in the UK before coming to the US, 3 years in Cardiff and about a year in London in the Elephant and Castle area.  Not a hint of a Welsh or London accent though.  The shopping mall was not very full of people and there were signs that a lot of the businesses there were struggling, with many not open or closing down.  Possibly a sign of the economic times.  We have had lunch and an afternoon rest in preparation for hopefully meeting up with the first wave of conference delegates booking in.

Mark N

Chairman JGSGB

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