Washington Minus 1 day

The conference is nearly on us.  Registration begins tonight at 9.00 p.m. and we will then get our conference bags, badges and documents.  Registration will be very busy to start with, as so many people will get there early to start the queue.  Once we have our conference material it will definitely feel as if the event has finally started.  During the day we have been keeping busy with preparation work.  The flyers for the UK-SIG and JGSGB Guides arrived and we now have all of the Guides, Shemots and Newsletters in our room ready to take to the SIG/BoF Fair tomorrow afternoon.  The SIG/BoF Fair is a chance for each of the JewishGen Special Interest Groups and the Birds of a Feather Groups to show off what they have to offer conference delegates.  This will entail showing people our publications and also telling them about the UK-SIG events on Tuesday and also about the talk being given by Laurence Harris on Wednesday about UK Records 1870-1930.  There will be questions asked about UK genealogy, which we will do our best to answer on the spot but if we can’t we will ask people to come to the Tuesday Q&A session, where more experts will be on hand to help out.  To find out more about JewishGen SIGs go to http://www.jewishgen.org/JewishGen/sigs.htm there you will find the list and details of all the SIGs.

During the afternoon, Jeanette, Michael Hoffman (JGSGB Newsletter Editor) and I, sat on the pre-registration desk as helpers.  We were also joined by other delegates who we knew.  The pre-registration is to provide badges to vendors who were coming in to set up stalls and also for people booked in for the end of Shabbat dinner.  The badges allowed people to get past the security and go down to the main conference area.  If you had no badge then no going down, security is strict at the event.  Being at the desk also allowed us to talk to delegates who were getting the feel for the layout as we had done on Thursday.  Between us all, we even helped one lady who was just on holiday and going back to New York tomorrow!  Now that is genealogical service.

So, tomorrow everything starts in earnest.  It will be Conference Day 1.  The programme for tomorrow means that the blog will have to be written on the hoof as we move from event to event.  There will be the SIG/BoF Fair, the IAJGS Presidents reception, the keynote speech and the dessert buffet afterwards.  The lots of chatting to colleagues.  So a good night’s sleep is needed to be able to cope with it all.

Now off to get our evening meal before joining the registration queue.

Mark N

Chairman JGSGB

One thought on “Washington Minus 1 day

  1. I’m enjoying following your blog, and the countdown to your conference. I’m sure you’ll have a great time, and I hope you have some time left over to see a bit more of DC, it’s a fascinating city – I can recommend the trolley tours and Duck tours, and oh, those museums! enjoy the conference, and good luck with the blog.

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