A New Dawn

Welcome to this the first blog of the Jewish Genealogical Society of
Great Britain.

We hope that you will enjoy it’s content and that you will will contiue to read future

As the blog title suggests, it’s all about your Jewish Ancestors from the UK and
how to trace them.

Many peopleĀ  living in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, USA as
well as many other parts of the World have Jewish Ancestors who originated in Great Britain.

The Society is in a unique position to point people, trying to trace Jewish Ancestors
from Great Britain, to the relevant records, many of which are available on the Society’s website.

Over the coming months we will highlight resources available and how to access them.

Tony Benson – Editor

6 thoughts on “A New Dawn

  1. Hoping to connect with people whose forefathers originated from the same areas as my Bernsteins.
    Searching for Leeds families whose ancestors came from Kremenchug,Poltava,,originally Russia,now Ukraine.
    Thank you for creating the blog which definately can serve a more personal connection with fellow researchers.
    Brenda Habshush (Bernstein)

  2. Sorry Jean, for the benefit of anyone who is trying to decide whether or not join the
    discussion board I didn’t mean that it was difficult to use just that the blog was very easy and, of course, has a different purpose.

  3. So much easier to use than the discussion board! Already bookmarked the Blog and will be interested to see how it develops. Congratulations.

    • It’s a comfort to know that I am not the only one to find using the discussion board difficult Diane ! As a silver surfer I’d just about given up trying so this seems a welcome solution.
      If anyone has any advice how to track my Great G. Grandparents who came from Poland I’d be grateful ? I’ve traced them to Manchester in 1866 but cannot find where they docked in the UK or which part of Poland they had lived in spite of searching other sites extensively. My Grandmother’s name was Kutchinsky – and may have come from Poitkrow – think that’s how you spell it!!

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