Genealogy Quality Code

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If youve looked at the 1851 Database recently, you may have noticed that its acquired a little logo that refers to the Genealogy Quality Code. Whats this, you may wonder? The link takes you to the Codes own website,, and if youre interested in databases, or just data quality, its worth taking a look.

The GQC site takes a clear, but commonsense, position on the standards that people should follow when compiling databases, or copying data from someone elses. Its all about maintaining quality and reliability, they argue. A lot of JGSGB members will have seen wrong data on the web that circulates forever, never to be corrected. Thats the kind of thing the GQC has in its sights.

At the same time, a lot of people would argue that, even if a big genealogy website has a lot of errors on it, this is more than compensated for by the huge amount of good data thats there also. Thats a valid point of view too.

Which side of the line to you come down? Visit the GQC website and offer your views. Its a debate we should all be joining in.

Petra Laidlaw – Guest Blogger

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