Another Year,………Another Conference – Posting 1

Well, here we are again at an IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy.  Time has flown since Paris and now we are in Boston Massachusetts USA.  The venue is the 1920s hotel the Boston Park Plaza, full of architectural niceties and art deco features.  It is Sunday morning and a great many of the 1100 delegates have arrived and the place is beginning to buzz with genealogy-filled talk.  So many familar faces are here and every few steps or minutes an old acquaintanceship is renewed.  People we met in Paris, Washington DC, and elsewhere stop us and say hello.  There is encouraging news of discoveries and progress made from those that the JGSGB and UK SIG members have helped at past conferences.  The joy of hearing someone having made a breakthrough in their research after you have pointed them in the right direction is great.

The conference schedule is packed and sessions identified to attend.  Preparations are being made for the talks that we are giving and the various other events that are happening.  Almost every minute of each day is accounted for.  This is full on wall-to-wall genealogy.

This year there is a chance for people not attending the conference to get to hear and see many of the lectures, with IAJGS Conference Live!  Several sessions will be streamed live over the internet each day.  Full details are at: This is a charged service to cover the costs of running it but for those unable to afford to travel to Boston it is terrific value.

There will be more to report later on as the day progresses.  Now off to talk to more people.

Mark Nicholls




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