Another Conference,…….Another Year – Posting 6 and Last

The conference is now over for another year.  I didn’t get to any sessions this morning as I was in the IAJGS Board meeting, dealing with the outcome of the conference and looking forward to next year in Salt Lake City.  So strictly speaking this posting should be another conference,…..another year,……..and another year.

People have been leaving the hotel all morning and this afternoon and we have said dozens of goodbyes to our old and to our new friends.  Most we will not see until Salt Lake City in 2014 at the next conference.  The conference is 27 July to 1 August and I really, really, really urge the readers of this post to consider going to it.  Failing that there is Jerusalem in 2015 from 6 to 10 July.

Well I just now need to give a report back on Thursday afternoon’s events.  I introduced the IAJGS Live! streaming session on the Knowles Collection and learned a lot more about the records.  One interesting point was that many early-American Jews went through the Caribbean islands and places like St Thomas have hundreds and hundreds of records for those people. The Knowles Collection has nearly 800,000 individuals documented in it from all around the world.  Todd’s talk was as ever very entertaining.  The Knowles collection can be accessed at and there is a blog at  Take a look.

After that session I went to a talk on early Jewish settlement in Europe but have to say that tiredness got the better of me and I couldn’t concentrate on it.

The evening was taken up mostly with the conference Banquet.  This is a big event with over 30 tables of 10 people and entertainment from the Zamir Choral.  The Choral sang several songs in Hebrew, Yiddish, German and English.  Then there were presentations of awards to individuals and organisations for their work and contributions.  The full list of awards can be found at

Well that’s all folks to quote my favourite rabbit.

Mark Nicholls

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