Washington Minus 8 Days

Well for my first post on the new JGSGB Blog – Jewish Ancestors? – I am starting a countdown
to attending the 31st IAJGS Conference in Washington DC.  For those of you who don’t know,
the International Association of Jewish Genealogy Societies runs a major genealogy conference
every year.  The conferences are mainly held in the USA but have also been held in countries
such as Canada, Israel and the UK (last time in 2001) and next year in France (Paris).
These conferences are really exciting to be at, as you can discover so much about Jewish genealogy
in one spot and also meet and make friends with hundreds of other genealogists.  I have been to
two other conferences in the States and they taught me an awful lot, including take a jumper with
you as the hotel air-conditioning can be fiercely cold!

Jeanette Rosenberg, who is my wife, and I have been preparing for the conference for several months
and we are only just over a week away from the conference official start date.  There are now
all the last minute things to do, including preparing a presentation for the UK Special Interest
Group meeting on Tuesday 16 August.  We also have to get together all the material we are taking
with us, such as copies of JGSGB Guides, Shemot, Newsletters, flyers for events and lots of other
stuff.  Maybe we might even be able to get some clothes in our suitcases as well!  There will be
other JGSGB Members attending the conference and they will also be taking material to the conference.

We will have a special UK-SIG logo on sticky labels to help people identify fellow UK researchers.
These have been prepared and will travel with us.

So, now to get on with the final preparations.

Mark Nicholls
Chairman JGSGB

5 thoughts on “Washington Minus 8 Days

  1. Mazal Tov on the Blog initiative. Very best wishes from all of us in the Manchester Regional Group to Mark and Jeanette representing the JGSGB in Washington. Have a great time and a safe journey. Try and find a little bit of time to relax also. We all look forward to hearing about this year’s IAJGS conference.
    Lorna and all the Manchester gang.

  2. Mazel Tov on your new blog! Can’t wait to see you and Jeanette again. You may be really happy to find the relief of hotel air conditioning with your jumper (in US jumper = sweater) as Washington, DC can be so hot, humid, and sunny in August.

    Have a great trip over the pond and see you soon,

    Linda Levine
    Boston, Massachusetts

  3. Excellent, Mark. I am also looking forward to hearing about the US Conference. I couldn’t make it to Washington but hope to get to the Paris one next year. Have a safe journey.

  4. Dear Mark and Jeanette,
    I wish you and all the other people who are going to the conference with you , much success and enjoyment,
    with best wishes,

  5. Thanks Mark on your interesting blog on preparations for the Washington DC Conference. I, and I am sure other members too, will look forward to reading
    all about the Conference as and when you have time to blog us.

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