Washington Minus 7 days

Well, we are one day nearer to the start of the IAJGS Washington conference and things are moving forward steadily.  The presentation for the UK-SIG meeting has been almost completed and has reminded me of the many useful resources that are available on the JGSGB and JCR-UK websites.  I suppose we are also blessed in the UK with many centralised records and a lot of on-line records but we also have lots of fragmented records, which can often only be researched in person.  JGSGB wants to see these records preserved above all and also, if possible, made available on-line to people who would benefit from them.

Tomorrow will bring the start of the panic about ensuring we have everything we need to go to Washington with.  The papers, the timetable – so very important to anyone attending a conference – the knowledge of who will be there and when we can see them, when will we get to eat given all the things we have to go to.  The timetable already means that Jeanette and I will have to split off most of the time to cover the very varied selection of events and presentations.  The subjects of the talks are all enticing and there are massive problems with choosing which ones to attend, given so many interesting subjects.  I hope that we will choose wisely.

As this is my first international conference as JGSGB Chairman, this will be a very different experience from the last two conferences I attended.  At those I was an ordinary delegate, now I will be representing UK Jewish genealogy at very important meetings.  I hope not to let the UK down.  I want to promote what is good about JGSGB and the UK at every opportunity at the conference.

From my experience of these conferences, I would always say be there and learn so much more than you can anywhere else and alo meet so many terrific people.

So now for tomorrow and the next steps towards Washington.

Mark N

Chairman JGSGB

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