Washington Minus 5 days

You may wonder what happended to Washington minus 6 days.  Well it involved some finalising of papers and the presentation for the UK-SIG meeting but mainly it was a day of general JGSGB activities.  JGSGB’s internal matters keep me very busy most of the time and the last few days have been busier than usual.  It has helped keep my mind off worrying about the conference too much, which is a good thing but meant that I didn’t get round to adding to the Blog.

Today continued very much the same as yesterday with JGSGB business dominating things.  So once again not much got done on the Conference front.  Tonight, there were some errands to run, getting copies of the JGSGB UK Guide to another member who is going to the conference and then off to the JGSGB Secretary’s home to get a form signed.  There were, of course, all of the household and garden chores to get through in preparation for going to Washington.

All of the papers and electronic files are being pulled together by Jeanette and me ready to put into our luggage.  The pile of material and its weight means that we will probably be wearing the same clothes the whole week.  Time to check the baggage allowances I think!  One of the things we will be doing to help our luggage situation will be to get flyers and other material printed in Washington DC.  IAJGS have recommended a local printer who will provide a cheap service.  Once we have everything ready in Washington, we will be taking part in the SIG/BOF Fair on the Sunday before the conference.  For those that don’t know yet SIG stands for Special Interest Group and BOF for Birds of a Feather.  This will be an opportunity to promote the UK-SIG and JGSGB and show people what we have to offer.  More on the SIG/BOF Fair nearer the time.

Mark N

Chairman JGSGB


2 thoughts on “Washington Minus 5 days

  1. I wish you both a great time at the conference, and wish I could have been there too. You won’t remember me, but I was at the New York conference in 2006. Hopefully, next year in Paris.
    Best regards
    Natalie Lamb

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