Washington Minus 4 days

Well today has been extremely busy with final preparations before travelling to Washington tomorrow morning.  Last minute household tasks, paperwork for JGSGB to complete, sorting out the packing, picking vegetables from the garden before they grow into enormous mutant things.  The packing ended up being ok, thanks to British Airways baggage allowance of two bags each, otherwise some of the clothes really would have had to stay here.

The final job is to check through all the papers needed for the conference and get them into the hand luggage.  There has also been a lot of sorting out of the electronic files to make sure we can access them in Washington.  These will be very important to promoting JGSGB and the UK-SIG.  Hopefully, when we get to the hotel we will be able to access files.

The hotel we will be staying at is where the conference is being held, so we won’t have problems with getting to the early sessions.  Some start as early as 7.30 a.m. with preparations in advance of meetings we will be involved starting even earlier.  There are sessions throughout the day up until 10 p.m.  As I have said earlier the variety of topics is amazing.  The programme for the conference can be seen at the following we address: http://dc2011.org/images/stories/programjuly30.pdf.

The next posting from me will, hopefully, be from the conference hotel tomorrow afternoon Washington time.

Mark N

Chairman JGSGB


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