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Dutch & Sephardi SIG


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Dutch SIG combined with the Sephardi SIG - now known as Dutch & Sephardi SIG.

Raymond Montanjees combined the Society's dormant Sephardi group, which had existed in name only, some three years ago.  It had been dormant due to the lack of numbers of Sephardi researchers. 

As there was only a small Dutch Sephardi interest (the majority of Dutch researchers being Ashkenazim) it was decided to amalgamate the two groups.  This has resulted in more interest in Turkey and other Caucasus regions as well as other North African countries being researched.

3 - 4 meetings are held each year.  Speakers are sought initially from the Society but on occasion a professional speaker does attend.

The welcome and very helpful 'round the table' session follows the talks.  This is where researched names, dates and stories as well as any new research tools and general genealogical 'know how' is discussed.

Attendees provide Raymond with their names, contact addresses and general 'wants'.  He then priduces a list for each members.  Cousins - some sitting in the same room - have found each other this way.