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JGSGB Publication Addenda

As everyone knows, any reference book once published is immediately out of date as information changes all the time.  This applies to general information and to specific data.  With the Internet, changes happen even more rapidly than ever before.  This applies a lot to website addresses and new websites.  Republishing our Jewish Ancestors? Guides every time a few websites change is not realistic, so we will be providing updated information for of our Guides on this page.  We will add not only new website links but some more general information.



A Guide to Jewish Genealogy in Poland - Update 10 July 2014

"Discussions are taking place in Poland about instituting new legislation covering access to birth, marriage and death records. The major item of interest for genealogists is a clause under discussion that would still require that birth records be 100 years old before they could be released while marriage and death records could be made available after 80 years, rather than the 100 years currently in force.

Another significant change being discussed is a clause that would enable Civil Registration Offices (USCs) to take up to 10 years between the date that records become 100-years old and the time they are transferred to the relevant branch office of the Polish State Archives. The clause would allow Civil Records Offices up to 10 years to prepare records that are 80 to 100-years old for transfer to the Branch Archives.  (Where the condition of the record registers do not meet their standards, the Polish State Archives requires that the books be fumigated and/or repaired prior to being moved to the archives.) 

There is another clause under discussion covering death records that would require transfer to the Branch Archive within two years of when the latest records in the books become 80 years old.

Jewish Records Indexing-Poland has not taken a position on this pending legislation; any statements from other organizations do not reflect the viewpoint of JRI-Poland.

JRI-Poland's approach has always been one of careful analysis and consultation. We have been in touch with major parties interested in this legislation and will continue to do so.  When there is additional information, we will share it on this forum.

Stanley Diamond

Executive Director, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland"



A Guide to Jewish Genealogy in Poland - Update 3 August 2014

 "The first cadastral map of Lemberg/Lwow/Lvov to be posted in the Gesher Galicia Cadastral Map Room:

A complete cadastral map of the city of Lemberg surveyed 1849 and lithographed in 1853. A very clear and beautiful full-color cadastral map, showing this gem of the Austrian Empire already developed with many of the streets and significant buildings still visible today."

A Guide to Jewish Genealogy in Poland - Update 22 August 2014

Page 41

Gesher Galicia has added two new inventories of cadastral map holdings in the Rzeszow and Przemysl branches of the Polish State Archives

Przemysl: inventory/maps-przemysl-state- archives/


A Guide to Jewish Genealogy in Poland - Update 20 September 2014

Announcing three recent additions to the Gesher Galicia Cadastral Map Room:

Krakow Street Map Under Occupation ca. 1941

This important map showing Krakow (Cracow, Krakau) under German occupation during WWII was provided to Gesher Galicia by the Jewish Historical Institute of Warsaw, Poland. Four zones are highlighted by hand, including the town center ('mixed/business district', A), initial German residential area (B), extended German residential area (C), and the ghetto ('Jewish residential', D). Streets are labeled with their Polish names, but some are Germanized. The Kazimierz district, two Jewish cemeteries and key churches are indicated, but not synagogues.

There are also two cadastral maps for two different towns named Rudawka: one in Poland, the other about 40 kilometers NNW, across the border in Ukraine.

Rudawka Village Cadastral Map 1852 (Gmina Bircza)

This is a selectively-colored cadastral map of the village of Rudawka (now in the Gmina Bircza of Poland), surveyed 1852 and lithographed 1854. The map shows no village center or masonry buildings, but includes a modest estate and two small Catholic chapels.

Rudawka Village Cadastral Map 1853 (Stary Sambor Raion)

A complete, selectively-colored cadastral map of the village of Rudawka (Rudavka,) now a defunct settlement in the Stary Sambor Raion of Ukraine, surveyed 1853 and lithographed 1854. Covering a large but sparsely populated village straddling the Rudawka River with two other rivers flowing in, the map shows no village center or masonry buildings, and only a tiny Catholic church.

(Note to researchers: there are several other formerly Galician towns with the name of, or beginning with, Rudawka. Knowing the coordinates of "your" towns are key when names are so similar.)

The map room home page is:



All Galician Database

28 July 2014:
New databases added: :Drohobycz Jewish Birth Index (1921-1938)Kosów Jewish Marriage Records (1852-1876)Mielnica Jewish Death Records (1820-1851); and Sanok Jewish Marriage Index (Grooms Only) (1916-1939).

Major updates to existing databases:  Thousands of more records added to the existing vital records collections: Lviv Jewish Birth Records (1805-1871)Lviv Jewish Death Records (1805-1880)Lviv Jewish Marriage Records (1801-1866); and Sanok Jewish Birth Index (1869-1913) (the 1890-1913 births are new)

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