Members' Pages

updated 26th September 2010

These pages are for the exclusive use of members of the Society and are updated on a continuous basis

They contain many searchable databases including

Isaacs Graves
Death & Stone Setting Announcements from the Jewish Chronicle 1993-2004
US Seatholders Lists

Boer War - 1899-1902
Leeds Census 1841-1901

and browsable lists including

Jewish Inhabitants of

Palace Gardens / Kensington Palace Gardens Census 1881/1891/1901/1911
Fitzjohns Avenue (Hampstead) Census 1881/1891/1901/1911
Bevis Marks (St Katherine Cree & All Hallow on the Wall) Census 1851/1871/1881/1891
Black Lion Yard (Whitechapel) London E. Census 1901 and1911
Albert Square (Ratcliff) London E. Census 1901 and 1911
Solomon/Solomons - 1851 Census - Whitechapel
Sandys Row Marriages 1894 - 1930
Cohen - 1851 Census - Whitechapel

Various Burial Records from Great Synagogue
Grimsby Jews who Served in the Army in World War 1
Jewish Branch of the Children's Country Holidays Fund (1921)
Tottenham Synagogue Marriage Registers
List of Early Jewish Clock and Watchmakers
Report of the Jewish Lads Brigade 1900-1901
The Jewish Regiment Committee Subscriptions
Jewish Board of Guardians' Book of Remembrance
Jewish officers in the Navy, Army and Territorial Forces, 1912  
Brothers Who Died in Service in the British and Commonwealth Forces in the Second World War
List of additions to Roll of Honour in the British Jewry Book of Honour
1888 Liverpool Subscription list
Jewish Board of Guardians' Book of Remembrance