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The Routes to Roots Foundation, Inc. (a501(c)(3) not-for-profit Foundation) is pleased to announce the publication of the above named book by Miriam Weiner, author of JEWISH ROOTS IN POLAND and  President of the Routes to Roots Foundation, Inc.

JEWISH ROOTS IN UKRAINE AND MOLDOVA includes the most comprehensive listing of archival inventories ever published in English for both Ukraine and Moldova (formerly Bessarabia). The archival inventories were compiled in official cooperation with the Ukrainian State Archives and Moldovan National Archives, and include never before published archival inventories for the smallest villages and the largest cities in Ukraine and Moldova.

The 624 pages include: 970 color photos of190 towns; 121 black and white photos, 115 document examples, 20 maps incolor and 1,392 towns in the archival inventories (book weight: 5-1/2pounds). Price (at time of writing): $60 plus $8 (shipping/handling) and 6% sales tax for New Jersey residents (for orders outside of the United States add $15 for shipping/handling; all foreign payments (checks) must be on a U.S. bank).

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If you live outside the United States, click on "international distributors" on the order form on the above named website.  For questions about the book, e-mail Miriam Weiner

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Jewish immigration to Jamaica
This was posted to the newsgroup on 11 Sep 1999
Subject: Jewish immigration to Jamaica
When all Sephardim Jews were expelled from Spain in 1492, the vast majority - 100,000 - went to Turkey, which sent ships for them and welcomed them with open arms.

These did not change their surnames toSpanish / Portuguese, as they didn't or weren't forced to convert; their surnames remained ancient Hebrew, eg Nasi, El'Azar, Hanna etc.

Some then went on to the Syrian province of the Turkish "Ottomon" Empire, which included modern day Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt where they intermarried with the ancient Mizrahim Jews of  Syria, Lebanon, Egypt between ca 1890 and ca 1930.  

Following the fall of the Ottomon Empire ca1917 many of these Jews emigrated, many passing through Jamaica, some staying, but most just passing through - they were all called Syrian, but in reality came from the ancient communities of Aleppo, Beirut, Alexandria.

Resources for Australian Jewish Genealogy
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