JGSGB has developed a Family Group Sheet specifically for Jewish families, including data fields for Bar and Bat Mitzvah and Circumcision.

JGSGB Members and non-Members alike have, over many years, donated to JGSGB Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates that they have purchased but found not to be members of their family.

JGSGB is supporting the work of Yad Vashem’s Names Recovery Project at We want to encourage everyone to create Pages of Testimony (see for registering the names of those who perished in the Holocaust. Each Page of Testimony contains a victim's name, biographical details, and a photograph when available.

The collection of trees held in the JGSGB comes from members, former members, visitors and non members. They range from one page without dates or places to documents running to a hundred or more pages, fully annotated and illustrated.

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THE SAUER AND WALLER COLLECTION. WHAT WE KNOW SO FAR AS AT 4th JULY 2006 from letters and with the assistance of Pierre Sauer and Laurent Sauer who by chance came across this website on 26th January 2006

In 2000, the Jewish Information Bureau, a division of Chabad House of Hendon received a phone call from a contractor who was renovating an old house that had belonged to an elderly woman who had passed away. He had noticed a blue aged suitcase in the skip they were using, opened it and found it's contents were of Jewish origin, little did he know that the contents of this suitcase were priceless. When he brought it over to the Bureau's offices, they were stunned to find a woman's entire life in that small suitcase, passport's, Ketubah's, letter's, pictures, postcards, it was mind boggling

List of Films of Jewish Interest previously held at LDS Family History Library, National Archives, Kew. Some films have been transferred to the new location of LDS films, which is at the Society of Genealogists,14 Charterhouse Buildings, Goswell Rd, London EC1M 7BA. Eventually, all of the Jewish films will end up at the Society of Genealogists.

Link to the United Synagogue Marriage Authorisations page on their website

The authorisations, if you know where to look, carry many genealogical clues for research. To that end Rabbi Jeremy Rosen (to whom I am indebted) and I decided to produce a crib sheet to aid researchers.


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