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South West London Group

South West Group

   Contact: Ena Black

About this Regional group:

It is a long and frustrating drive across London or around the North Circular Road to get to Finchley from South West London, and very few people would willingly attempt it after a hard day at work and the vexations of travel to and from the office. When the JGS started its Thursday evening meetings at Kinloss, a few members from "the other side of the river" realised that we were not going to get to these more informal social get-togethers with others who wanted to talk Genealogy. So in the summer of 1999 a trawl was done through the membership list, an invitation went out, and about fourteen strangers met in a very small flat in Richmond. Talk was fast and furious, we delved into a box of books on loan from the JGS library, one or two people with more knowledge of computers than the rest gave some helpful advice and offered some local hands-on-training; some people turned out to be experienced genealogists and others absolute beginners; queries, advice and suggestions were traded -- and thus was set the pattern for the meetings which have been held regularly ever since, at roughly 3-monthly intervals.