Amended May 2003
Compiled by Harold Pollins
With Thanks to my Son and Daughter-in-law, Joe and Patricia Pollins.

The following details were taken from the headstones. Details of those without headstones are take from the cemetery office and other sources. Details of cremations from cemetery office.
{ means that two graves are side by side, often with one headstone.

{In cherished and unfading memory of Ernest Gilbert ABELS {Eliyah Gedalia be'rav Naphtali} Dearly loved Husband of Lena passed away May 13th 1949 -Iyar 14th 5709. 'Love's last gift - remembrance'. Rest in Peace.
{Also Lena his wife died 6th March 1978

Emanuel AUSTIN 29 September 1993. [Menachem Mendel ben harav Yehudah Lev] Forever in the Thoughts of His Devoted Wife Jean and Relatives.

Jack Goldstein BEECH 1918-1992. [Ya’akov ben Yitzchak] Dearly Beloved Husband of Rachel. Father of Norma, Jacqueline, and Lynn. Adored Grandfather, Teacher and Friend of Jeremy, Michael, Tania, Alexa, Elliot and Oliver.

Katie BENJAMIN 28 March 1966 aged 83. Wife of Israel.

{Maurice CASTLE 6 November 1974. [Mosheh ben Tsvi Shnafter] Dearly Loved Husband of Peggy and Dear Father of Michael and Rodney.
{Rebecca (Peggy) CASTLE 30 December 1995. [Rivkah bat Chaim Meir HaCohen]

Esther COGAN 19 September 1959 aged 97. [Esther bat Yitshak] Mourned by Her Sons, Daughters and Grand-children, Sons-in-law and Daughters-in-law.

{Annie COPLAN 1 October 1984 [Hannah Tsipah bat Raphael Kalman] And Her Loving Husband
{Samuel COPLAN 5 February 1985 [Shaftil ben Fishel] Husband of Annie Coplan. Sadly Missed by
{Son Gerald, Daughter-in-law Pat, Grandchildren Valerie, Elaine. Children of Their Late Devoted
{Daughter, Myrtle, Kevin and Richard.

Ernst ENGEL 30.10.1941. [Internee]

Berko EPSTEIN 14 March 1941 aged 57. [David Be’er ben Yosef] Born Slonim, Poland.

Ben FINGERHUT 19 November 1985. Aged 78. [Binyamin ben Avraham] Mourned by His Wife. Children, Grandchildren, Greatgrandchild, Family and His Many Friends

Sydney FISHER 13 January 1973 aged 88. Husband of Dorothy.

Freda (Fay) FREEDMAN 6 December 1904-13 July 1990. [Faygel bat Lev]

Lawrence (Larry) Eleazar FREEDMAN 26 March 1980 aged 70. [Eleazer ben Tsvi] Deeply Mourned by His Devoted Wife Freda (Fay), Son Jeffrey, Daughter-in-law Frances, Grandchildren, Brothers, Sisters, Sisters-in-law, Brothers-in-law, Nieces and Nephews, Relatives and Friends.

Cedric Joseph Arno FUCHS 13 April 1994.Aged 58. [Avraham ben Yehuda] Remembered by His Friends.

Sydney Louis GOLD Buried 11 October 1979. No headstone

{Annie GOTTFRIED 8 January 1947 (6 Tebeth 5707) aged 62. [Hannah bat ?? Mendel] [obscured].
{Joseph GOTTFRIED 27 February 1950 (10 Adar 5710) [Yosef ben Shmuel]

Salomon GRUBER 4 April 1941. [Internee]

Simon GUTTMAN 6 September1942. [Internee]

Karl Julius HERMANN 4 May 1944

Joshua JACOBS 11 November 1896 - 6 May 1962. [Yehoshua ben Ephraim Shmuel] Dearly Loved Husband of Emma Abigail.

Lewis JACOBS (Louis JACOB) 4 January 1887-11 November 1948. [Yehuda Leib ben Ephraim] Killed in Airplane crash in River Mersey. Deeply Mourned by Brothers Samuel and Joshua and Sister Ethel.

{Samuel JACOBS 7 January 1980 aged 89. [Shmuel ben Ephraim] Devoted Husband of Beattie. Sadly Missed

{Florence JACOBS 1 August 1991 [Florence bat Binyamin] Sadly Missed by Her Many Friends

Wilhelm Wolf KALLIS 18 April1942. [Internee]

{Henry KREBS 24 February 1970 aged 82 Dearly Loved Husband of Sarah. A Man Well Loved for His Good and Charitable Work [Cremated]
{Sarah KREBS (beloved wife of Henry KREBS) 18 August 1992 in her 94th year. A Gracious and Generous Lady

Brian Simon KREISKY 23 December 2000 aged 53. [Baruch ben Kalman] Loving Father to Tamara and Lisa and Husband to Cathy. Died Doing What He Loved. We Will Miss You. [Cremated]

Franz Israel LASKER 9 April 1941

Albert LEVY. No headstone. [Isle of Man Examiner, 28 August 2002, p. 2. Levy, on Thursday, August 22, 2002 peacefully home. Albert aged 83 years. Adored and much loved husband of Mavis, dear father of Julian, father-in-law of Sara, devoted papa of grandchildren, Matthew, Edward and William., etc.]

Bernard LEWIS 31 December 1997 aged 92. [Binyamin ben Yehuda] Sadly Missed by His Sister Sadie, Sister-in-law Vivian, Relatives and Friends.

Sohoring Arthur MALFRID 6 May 1908 – 30 April 1942

Isidore (Mick) MERKIN, 15 October 1909 (London) – 15 May 1992 (Douglas). Deeply Mourned by His Daughters Carol, Maureen. Sons-in-Law Paul, Dennis. Grandson Steven, Brothers, Sister-in-law, Nieces and Nephews.. ‘Herein lie the ashes of …’ [Cremated]

Isidor Ben MESSINGER 1908-1981. [Yitshak ben Shlomo ha Cohen] A Man of Honour and Courage. Dearly Loved Husband of Marceline. Deeply Mourned and Sadly Missed by His Devoted Wife, Relatives and Friends

Barnett MYERS (Boyer)10 October 1966 aged 65. [Baruch ben David] Dearly Loved Husband of Madge and Dear Father of David, Shirley, Russell. Also Grandchildren, Son-in-law, Daughter-in-law, and Sisters and Brothers

Charlotte (Madge) MYERS 21 August 1985. [Miriam bat Avraham] Dear Wife of the Late Boyer, Dearly Loved Mother of David, Shirley and Russell. And Grandchildren. With Us Always in our Thoughts.

{Susan Hannah MYERS 16 January 1978. [Shaynah bat Avraham] Dearly Loved Wife of Mark.

{Mark (Maxie) MYERS 2 September 1979.

Abraham (Avraham) Akiva NYMAN 16 December 1967. Beloved Brother of Simon.

Simon NYMAN 6 February 1953. [Simcha Bonam ben Me’ir]

Arthur PAUZER 1890-1994 (Artist)

{Chaim Isser (Charles) Hyman QUASTEL 17 March 1989 aged 86. [Chaim Isser ben Yonah veFrumah] A Dear Husband and Brother. Deeply Mourned by His Devoted Wife Phillipa, Sisters, Relatives and Friends. ‘Per Mortem Ad Vitam’

{Margaret Phillipa QUASTEL 18 June 1992. Loving Wife of Charles Ivan Quastel. [Cremated]

Harry QUATE 29 December 1904 - 25 April 1978. Retired JP. [Chaim ben Shmuel Hersh] Beloved Husband of Rachel. Deeply Mourned by Relatives and Friends

{David Leonard RAY 10 March 1993 in his 92nd year. [David ben Alexander Ziskind] Missed by His Grieving Wife Esther, Daughter Shelagh, and Grandchildren
{Esther Bella RAY 1914-1997.
{Esther Bella bat Binyamin Gershon] Deeply mourned by Theresa, Leslie and David, Relatives and Friends.

Matty RIVLIN 1916-1993. [Matityahu ben Avraham] The Darling Husband of Estelle, Father of Lydia and Ian, Adored Grandfather of Jamie, Michael, Medan, Myles and Warwick, Loved and Respected by Daughter-in-law Penny, Son-in-law Dov.

Tauba RUBEL 20 March 1941 [Internee]

Keith (Kurt) SAUNDERS 26 September 1987 aged 81. [Kurt ben Karl] Ever in the Thoughts of His Devoted Wife Frankie, Family and Friends.

Margarete SCHINDLER 9 October 1941. [Internee]

Margit Sarah SEMBERGER 22 March 1941. [Internee]

Absalom SEVI 19 January 1953. [Absalom ben Raphael] Dearly Loved Husband of Elizabeth. Deeply Mourned by his Brothers and Sisters. [15th (I.o.M) LAA Regt]

Eliezer Leslie SEVI 28 March 1956 [Eliezer ben Raphael] Deeply Mourned by His Brother and Sister. Also his family in New Zealand and USA

Lunar Anne SEVI 15 January 1954 [Marat Hannah bat Raphael] ‘Love’s Last Gift – Remembered’

Rachel SEVI 23 September 1973 aged 77 [Rachel bat Raphael] Erected by Her Loving Brother Albert

Leonard Michael SIMONS . 8 September 2000 In his 75th Year. [Yehudah Michael ben Zachariah] Deeply Mourned by His Wife Flora, Children Nicholas and Anne, Daughter-in-Law Poppy, Grandchildren Amy, Benjamin and Rebecca

Sigmund STEKEL 4 May 1940

Eric Marcus STITCHER MBE, C St JA, JP. 6 November 1916 – 8 August 1992. [Aharon Chaim ben David] Beloved Husband of Renée. Loving Father and Adored Grandfather. Always There for Everyone.

Nathan STORNITZKY 27 July 1891 – 1 February 1944 [Natan ben Mosheh]

Adolf STRAUSS 20 December 1940 aged 62.

Louisa TROW 13 April 1856 aged 82.

Alice Emmy WOLLSTEIN.14 July 1903-6 July 1954. Beloved Daughter of Hugo and Lisbeth Wollstein of Stettin.

Kate WOOLF. No headstone. [Death certificate: Died 19 November 1944 aged 74. Husband Isaac WOOLF, retired Tea Salesman. Died at home 16 Crosby Terrace, Douglas, Isle of Man. Informant, Kitty SIZER, daughter.

NOTE: ‘Internee’ denotes plain headstone. Some of the other graves may be those of internees

There are two graves of WWI German civilian internees at Patrick Church, Knockaloe, in the Isle of Man.

Heinrich ABRAHAM 21 July 1917

Hermann JESCHKE 31 March1916