Society for Chanting Psalms and Visiting the Sick

Associated with the Princelet Street Synagogue in London's East End, this was the first Society of its kind in Great Britain. For details see: Shemot March 2001 Vol9, 1 pp9-10.  The list was compiled from handwritten documents at the Tower Hamlets Family History Library.

List of Contributors to the Society 1925-1926

Aarons B 19 Galverston Rd
Abraham W 61 Brady Mansions
Abrahams C 8 Poland St Oxford St W
Abrahams M 13 Wilkes St
Angel I 11 Station Rd Finsbury Park
Apple M 33 Newcastle Place E
Barlow M 45 Fashion St
Barnett A 83 Old Montague St
Barnett D 131 Southgate Rd
Barnett I 9 Devonshire St Cambridge Rd
Barst  Dr. M 16 Wilkes St
Beagle L 18 Leather St
Berej S  15  St Peters Rd
Berman A 34 Ickburgh Rd E
Blackman P 10 Dock St
Bloom  J 28 Nottingham Rd
Bloom S 4 Spelman St
Bloomenthal A 133 Cambridge Rd
Bloostein M 6 Code St E
Brahams I 72 Junction Rd Highgate
Brick A  31 Weaver St
Caplin H 140 Graham Rd
Casperowitz M 15 Waldron (?) St
Cassenbaum P 28 Settle St
Cohen B 2 Ducket St Stepney
Cohen C 162 Blythe Rd W14
Cohen D 187 High St Shoreditch
Cohen I  327 Amhurst Rd N
Cohen I  19 Princes Square
Cohen J  1 Great Garden St
Cohen M 176 Cable St E
Cohen N 236 Stockwell Rd Brixton
Cohen P 107 Hanbury St
Cohen S 7 Munsbury (?) Rd
Cohen W 51 Rutland St
Coleman I 60 Redmond Rd E
Corb A  5 Plumbers Row
Corb M  53 Grove Rd
Corb S  6 Severn St
Courn (?) H 21 Wilkes St    (definitely not Cohen)
Davidson J 3 Newnham St
Davis I  189 Evering Rd N
Davis P  14  Gansbury (?) Rd
Dekron J 54 Cornwall St
Dome M 3 Fort St Brushfield St
Drakman I 260 Fieldgate Mansions
Elman M 41 Princelet St
Englander S 6 Siddons Rd Stoke Newington
Enock M 21 Mildmay Rd
Enock R 1 Beresford Rd N
Ettinger B 47 Beaumont Square
Farbenstein W 32 Rutland St
Feldman A 98 Hackney Rd
Fisher H 43 Goldhawk Rd Shepherds Bush
Fisher M 85 Brick Lane
Frankel D 1 Cottage Grove Bow
Frankl N 39 Ettrick St Bow
Freedman S Perrys Ave
Fromberg (?) A  20 Avenue Mansions Finchley
Fund P  62 Holloway Lane
Garlinski B 12 St Marks St N
Garlinsky B 68/72 High St Stoke Newington
Garlinsky D 22 King Edward St
Garlinsky L 57 Old Bethnal Green Rd
Glazier S 15 Leslie St
Gluckstein A 76 Cannon St Rd
Gold H  3 Pelham House
Goldberg A 7 Sheba St
Goldberg B 30 Brick Lane
Goldberg I 77 Alcom Rd Stamford Hill
Goldberg S 9 Nicholas St
Goldfine M 15 Waldron St New Rd E
Goldman S 7 Antcliff St
Goldstein A 14 Wilkes St
Goldstein A 84 Hanbury St
Goldstein M 70 Sandringham Rd
Goodfriend M 70 Settle St
Goodman H 18 Heneage St
Goodman I 98 Hare St
Grafman D 178 Stepney Green
Graft M  263 Kingsland Rd
Grayman (?) A 66 Beaumont Square
Green A 3 Osbaldeston Rd N
Greenbaum  M 74  Coborn St
Harris A 28 Peter St W
Harris L 17 Elder St
Hart D  82 Brick Lane
Hastick S 67 Chamber St
Heller I  1 Princelet St
Hoffman A 20 Hanbury St
Hyams  J 87 Brick Lane
Isaacs A 2 Bell Court Bell Lane
Jacobs M no address
Joseph A 16 Leslie St
Joseph L 28 Fordham St
Joseph A 75 Old Montague St
Kaufman B 39 Nottingham Place
Keen H  3 Sheba St
King I  no address
Kirsh M 1 Code St E
Kroll I  35 Grafton St
Kutner D (?) 39 Fournier St
Latner A 38 St Peters Rd
Lazarus A 118 Rutland St E
Leaman M 11 Butler Bldgs Buxton St
Lestinski D 19 Harding St
Levenberg A no address  ? same as above
Levenberg H 8 Cleveland Grove
Levene P 10 Butler Bldgs Buxton St
Levene S 8 Lower Marsh St
Levy A  17 Whitechapel Rd
Levy I  28 Parfett St E
Levy I  33 Cazenove Rd N
Levy I  69 Farleigh Rd Stoke Newington
Levy L   57 Bethune Rd N
Levy M  144 Stepney Green
Lewis I  26 Hunt St
Lewis I  44 Myrdle St
Libransky I 40 Bell Lane E
Lipski B 55 Old Montague St
Logate (?) I 18 Stoke Newington Common
Malinsky I 22 Trend (?) House
Maltzer S 49 Clifton Bldgs
Marcus H 67 Brick Lane
Markovitch M 124 Cambridge Rd
Markowits G 17 Cecil St Mile End
Markowitz M 93 Oxford St E
Marks A 20 Davis (?) Ave  off Hunton St E
Marks I  ditto
Marks N 8 Beaumont St
Marks P 16 Sidney St
Medway S 41 Whitechapel Rd
Melnick A 164 Evering Rd N
Melondarsky (?) J  64 Princelet St
Michaels M 18 Wilberforce Rd Finsbury Park
Miler M 18 Exeter St
Miller M 1 North Place E
Morris I 8 Pelham St
Moses A 203 Goldhurst Terrace Hampstead
Moses H 52 Wentworth St
Moses M 4 Exeley (?) St
Moskovits M 60 Richard St
Mundie A 77 Victoria Park Rd
Mundy S 166 Jubilee St
Myers A 51 Grove Rd
Nedas N 14 Cephas St
Nordan C 28 Hayling Rd Stoke Newington
Northman N 1 Butler Bldgs Buxton St
Nyman A 2 Denmark St
Ostriak M 44 Fieldgate St E
Phillip S 53 Curtain Rd Great Eastern st
Phillips M 5 Ebor St Bethnal Green
Prag A  89 White Horse Lane
Prag I  ditto
Rabinovitch B 126 Clapham Common
Reback M 9 Princelet St
Reuben S 50 Grey Eagle St
Rose B 21 Wilkes St
Rosenberg A 74 Hanbury St
Rosenberg H 78 Brick Lane
Rosenberg I 55 Bedford St
Rosenberg L 55 Bedford St
Rosenberg S 33 Princelet St
Rosenthal B 52 Osbaldeston Rd
Rosenthal B 86 Brick Lane
Rosenthal I 2 Fountain Rd N
Rundstein W 8 Floriston (?) St Mile End
Sakier S 48 Settle St
Samuels L 3 Watney St
Sevitt I  56 Fuller St
Shapiro N 52 Princelet St
Sheinbaum S 49 Weaver St
Shoare(?) M 95 Osbaldeston Rd N
Shreiber  N 1 Finch St
Shwartz B 15 Palatine Rd N
Shwartz S 1 Downs St N
Silverberg A 157 Flower & Dean St
Silverstein S 76 Exmouth St
Simmons I 25 Great Alie St
Simmons I 29 Raven Row E
Simons E  20 Fournier St
Siverstone M 147 Commercial St
Slowatinski I 106 Crisp St Poplar
Smith L  Castle St
Solomon D 72 Hanbury St
Sonenfield R 26 White Lion St
Strauss D 15 Great Alie St
Symons I 10 Seaton St NW
Temple T 29 Listria Park N
Warshawski G 49 Great Alie St
Webber I 197 Graham Rd Dalston
Weinberg H 8 Approach Rd
Woolfe W 33 Cephas St
Woolfe W 50 Mare St Hackney
Zeker M 128 Oxford St Stepney
Zeldin J  38 Spital St
Zimmerman I 453 Hackney Rd


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