The JGSGB is delighted to announce the formation of DNA SIG, a new Special Interest Group (SIG) which focuses on helping members to use DNA in connection with traditional genealogical research to find genealogical connections – a process known as “genetic genealogy”.  This includes DNA testing and tools, how to analyse DNA results, and the use of DNA testing in conjunction with family history documents and trees to help identify, prove or disprove genealogical relationships.

Using DNA tests and databases to identify living relatives (eg 2nd or 3rd cousins) falls within the scope of the DNA SIG, but we cannot allow posting of any information that would identify a living person or any personal details about them.  Similarly, the use of DNA tests in searches for relatives who have been adopted or for biological parents of adopted children falls within the scope of our DNA SIG, but details of living individuals involved may not be posted.

The use of DNA testing for genetic medical testing is currently outside the scope of our DNA SIG.

We shall provide a forum (initially using the JGSGB Facebook group) whereby you can ask questions (via posts) about DNA testing and Genetic Genealogy, which others can respond to. If you are already a member of the JGSGB Facebook group then you need to take no further action and you will see DNA related posts made to this group.  If you are not a member of the JGSGB Facebook group then you will first need to sign up to Facebook.  Once you are a signed up to Facebook then enter “Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain (JGSGB)” into the search box to get to the JGSGB Facebook group page.  Then click + Join Group which is just below the JGSGB logo.  You will be sent a simple question to which you should respond ‘I am a JGSGB Member’.

We plan to have occasional DNA SIG meetings, initially in London & the home counties, but later perhaps in other geographic locations, on topics relating to DNA and genetic genealogy.

The inaugural JGSGB DNA SIG meeting will be held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 4 September 2018 in the Northwood, Middlesex area.  This meeting will include a presentation by Laurence Harris on Genetic Genealogy.  The presentation will be followed by a group discussion about resources for DNA testing and interpreting results.  Advance booking is required if you wish to attend this meeting. If you would like to attend then please let us know you will be coming by emailing me at chairman@jgsgb.org.uk, cc’ing dnasig@jgsgb.org.uk.

Our DNA SIG will be led by Laurence Harris.  We are, however, looking for a couple more individuals who can help to run our DNA SIG.  If you are interested then please contact Laurence using dnasig@jgsgb.org.uk .

We hope our new DNA SIG can help you to effectively use DNA testing to increase your knowledge of your family history.

Leigh Dworkin

JGSGB Chairman