Edmonton and Rainham Cemetery Records


The Federation of Synagogues have made available to the public, through JGSGB and JCR-UK, the details of all burials at the Federation's cemeteries at Edmonton, London N18 and Rainham, Essex. These lists have been created and published through the efforts and support of Yitz Katz, Leigh Dworkin, Mark Nicholls and Saul Issroff. Elliott Porte kindly provided missing data for Edmonton for period 1908-1918

Jewish Communities & Records - UK (JCR-UK) is a joint project of JewishGen and JGSGB.

The burial records for Edmonton cover the period 1890-2015 and for Rainham 1938-2015. The records on JCR-UK have now been updated, and a number of corrections made, and include all burials to 24 June 2016.

The records are in the form of alphabetical browsable lists for each cemetery. To view the details of a burial simply click the Index link below for the relevant cemetery and then on the letter that the surname begins with. Then scroll down the list to reach the name that you are looking for. The details provided in the lists are: Last Name; First Name; Burial Reference Number; Date of Death; Age at Death, Plot Letter; and Row and Grave Numbers.

Main Index of Edmonton Burials

Main Index of Rainham Burials

The Federation has also now launched its own more comprehensive, up-to-date and easy to use database of these records (which, however, requires the exact name of the deceased) and includes a detailed map showing the position of the grave. Click here to see it in action.


  • The Federation of Synagogues was established in 1887 by Lord Samuel Montagu, Liberal MP for Whitechapel and committed Orthodox Jew.
  • The Federation offered its member synagogues (small communities in the East End comprised mainly of Yiddish speaking immigrants) a range of central services including recognition by the civil authorities for marriage purposes and representation at communal institution level. 
  • Almost from the outset, the Burial Society of the Federation proved pivtoal; levels of infant mortality were high and burial fees charged by other synagogue bodies prohibitive.
  • In 1889 Lord Montagu presented a strip of his family land in Edmonton to the Federation of Synagogues for use as a burial site and the Federation Burial Society was formally established the following year. Edmonton Federation cemetery has the capacity for nearly 40,000 graves and is currently at 98% capacity
  • Notable figures buried in Edmonton include Lord Montagu himself, two Sassover Rebbes z"tl, Rav Eliezer Gordon (the 'Telzer Rav'), Rav Reuven Dov Dessler z"tl, the father of R'Eliyahu Dessler and Dayan Gershon Lopian z"tl.


  • The Federation has its roots in the East End of London but by the end of World War II the Jewish community was moving North, South and West in the city, where new Federation communities were established. By 1937, the Federation had 13000 members and 68 affiliated synagogues scattered across London.
  • As a result of this, land for a second Federation cemetery, in Rainham, Essex, was purchased in 1936 on 106 acres. It was consecrated in February 1938. Rainham has a capacity for 45-50,000 graves and is at 60% of capacity.

Below are the ground plans for both cemeteries showing the plot locations.


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