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Where titles do not reveal the name of the person or family being researched, as in Nobody's Perfect or Back to our Roots, the articles have been indexed under the name(s) being researched, see Family Names.  Items in the Footsteps in the Past series have been indexed by subject under this heading. Book reviews are under the heading Book Reviews and are listed by author. An entry such as 2.9 means that the article is in issue No 2, page 9.

1.3,2.32,3.32,4.32   FOOTSTEPS IN THE PAST  
B          Board of Guardians 1.31
Belascos, The Fighting, G. McDougall 1.28        India - Sassoons, Poona, Calcutta 4.25
Belascos on the Stage, G MacDougall 1.25        Jewish Girls, Sunday Classes 1.31
Berlin, Back to, S Miller 4.8        Jewish Girls, Workrooms 1.31
Bits and Bytes, L. Harris 2.28        Needlewomen's Charity 1.31
BOOK REVIEWS          Soup kitchen 3.25

     Arbell, M, Jewish Nation of the Caribbean

2.25        Synagogues - Great, Maiden Lane, Parliament Court .3.25
     Cain, U, Chaikins and From Prussia with Love 4.30        Whitechapel - Fowl keepers 2.21
     Christian P, Genealogists' Internet 3.39       Whitechapel - Overcrowding 2.21
     Finestein, I, Scenes and Personalities in Anglo Jewry 1800-2000 1.33   G  
     Guzlix, E. (ed.), Genealogical Resources in New York 4.30   Gallipoli, Jewish Royal Marine H Pollins 2.14
     Harris, N, Dublin's Little Jerusalem 1.33   German archives, Jewish microfilms J Levy 2.27, 4.21
     Hilton, S, Stockport's Jewish Community 3.28   German family in 19th century S Miller 3.16
     Jolles, M, Jews and the Carlton Club 1.32   German Jewish History awards J Rosenberg 2.30
     Joseph, A, My Ancestors were Jewish 1.32   Germany pre 1930s research J Rosenberg 1.12
     Kaufman ,D and Friedenthal, M, The Gompertz Family 2.24   Grandmother sang before the King T Jones 3.13
     Lucas, S, Making use of the Census 2.26   I  
     Malka J, Sephardic Genealogy 2.24 Information Technology L Harris 2.28
     Pollins, H and Rosemwarne, V, Louis Kyesor, King of Whitton 2.26   J  
     Shamroth, J, The Shamroths from Krakow 2.25   Jewish Labour Corps M Sugarman 2.13
    Schneider, L, The Tarnow Connection 3.20   Jews' Free School D Lerner 4.3
    Whitehead, J, Brown Family of Edinburgh 1.14   Journals in JGSGB Library J Samson 1.34
C     L  

Latskova Haggadah, family story

J Diamond 1.22
     Edmonton, documenting,  E. Porte 1.6   Leeds absent voter's list 1914-1918 H Pollins 3.26
     Hull, D Lewis 4.10   Letters to Editor   1.27, 4.21
     Maiden Lane 3.1   Library, Kinloss Gardens journals received   1.34
     Plashet, vandalism 2.1   Lithuania- Emigration to South Africa J Sherman 3.9
Census 1901       Kaplan Family H Kaplan 2.4
     Umberston Street, B Diamond 2.22                 Rakishook roots                                              S Kerbel 1.24, 2.10
Colditz PoW's, M. Sugarman 3.12   M
E     Music Hall, Jewish influence                                     J Solnsteff 3.22
 Edmonton cemetery, documenting,  E Porte 1.6   O  
Ethical Problems,  A. Joseph 3.30   Obituary of Larry Sack                                               A Joseph 4.12
F     P  
Family Names Author     Portugal Jewish Heritage                                           B Winter 1.20
     Benjamin, J Isaacs 2.3   Posen Jews                                                                     S Miller 3.17
     Cassell D Gompertz 4.26   Provincial Jewry, need for a history                         A Newman 1.3
     Cohen D Hawkings 1.18   Publishing a family story                                            J Diamond 1.22
     Hauser B Diamond 2.22   R  
     Heilbron S Miller 3.16   Rakishok, tracing roots                                              S Kerbel                         1.24, 2.10
     Jones T Jones 3.13   Rochester, NY, trail ends                                            G Siyam 2.18
     Kaplan H Kaplan 2.4   S  
     Katz, HaCohen S Kerbel 1.24, 2.10   Sephardic Jews readmission                                      D Fernandez 2.8
     Kirzenbaum G Sivan 2.18   Shangahi, Rabbi from                                                  N Woolf 3.3
     Leek Reunion B Michaels 3.7   Sound Preserving                                                         L Butterfield 4.6
     Liebrich S Miller 3.16   South African Lithuanian connection                      J Sherman 3.9
     Moses M Moseley 3.20   W  
     Samson T Jones 3.13   Washington Conference 2003 4.13
     Servian J Whitehead 3.19   World War I, Jewish Soldiers                                    H Pollins 1.18
     Stern, William M Stern 4.4  
     Stokvis B Dunn 2.6  
     Zeitlin, Morris G Zeitlin 4.22  

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