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Where titles do not reveal the name of the family or person being researched, as in Descended from the ferryman?" the articles have been indexed under the name(s) being researched, see Family Names.  The family name is in the first column and the author in the second. Book Reviews are listed under this title by author. An entry such as 2.9 means that the article is in issue No 2, page 9.

A   From Berlin to Shanghai G Haas 2.20, 3.32
Abstracts 1,36, 2.28, 3.36, 4.36   G
AGM Highlights 2.18 Gans, David and Chaim of Prague E Gelles 1.32
All change for names,                                       D Farber     Genealogy at one remove M Nicholson 3.12
America genealogical research,                     J  Konvalinka 1.3, 2.,3   Going home to Ulanow D Wurtzel 1.26

Averback, Father and son,                                H Pollins


Going to Blazes in Oxford

R Hill 1.20
B   I
Bedford's Jews in the 1800s,                           P Bell 4.6   IAJGS - behind the scenes A Joseph 2.8
Belarus SIG 4.13   J    
Berlin to Washington via Shangahai,            G Haas 2.20, 3.32   Jacobs, the Rev Nathan R Hill 1.20, 2.10
Beware the census, G Raivid 2.24   Jerusalem Conference 2004 M Tagger 1.10
Bicentenary of the death of Rabbi Moses Myers, T. Jones & J Sampson 1.23   Jerusalem Conference 2004, report   4.15
BOOK REVIEWS     Jewish Cemetery at Szcezcin K Ambrose 2.9
     Berger, D, The Jewish Victorian 3.30   L    
     Black, G, Jewish London: an illustrated history 2.19   Letters to the Editor   1.27. 4.11
     Courtine-Denamy, C, The House of Jacob 1.13 Lewins of Cheltenham G Rigal 3.19
     Lewin, H & M, Marriage Records of the Great Synagogue  1791-1885 3.30   M    
     Tahan, I, Memorial volumes to Jewish Communities destroyed
                      in the Holocaust
4.31   Man of Learning
Manchester's contribution to Moving Here project
W Webber
A Walman
      Wenzerul, R, A guide to organising family history records 1.13   Manchester's closed cemeteries L Kay 4.28
Cemeteries   Memories of pocket Caruso H Jarvis 4.14
      Manchester (closed)                                    L Kay 4.28   Matzot for London Sephardi Jews M Rodrigues-Pererira 3.20
     Szeccin                                                          K Ambrose 2.9   Missing Marriage Records A Jacobus 1.28
Census, Beware the G Raivid 2.24   Moving Here: moving forward H Wood 1.14
Connections of the Chayes Family E Gelles 2.16  

Moving Here at the Jewish Museum

S Jillings 1.17
Cornish Revival M. Gordon, S Gregory 3.11, 4.11   Mrs Goldberg finally found B Diamond 3.7
D   Musical Dynasties R Forbes-Ritter 4.3
David and Chaim Gans E Gelles 1.32   O    
Descended from the ferryman? S Budd 2.6   Out of the shtetl, into Africa H Marks 3.24, 4.32
Digitisation and conservation solutions B Diamond 2.26   P    
Dutchman lost in France D Gompertz 4.10   Passover cake-makers of the 18th & 19th centuries L Harris 1.6
Dying to join the Navy H Pollins 3.15   Presidential thoughts A Joseph 1.23
F   R    
Family Names Author     Rag man's children R Stone 3.3
     Bragovsky S Budd 2.6   S    
     Disraeli M Nicholson 3.12   Sephardi matzot for London Jews M Rodrigues-Pererira 3.10
     Goldberg B Diamond


  Sources for genealogical research in America J Konvalinka 1.3,2.3
     Goldsmith R Stone


     Gorsky                             H Pollins 3.15   Tale of three brothers J Gill 1.34
     Jacobs                            R Hill 1.20, 2.10   Tracing Rivka Sigal E Paradise 4.26
     Levi                                  M Nicholson 3.12   U    
     Myers                             T Jones 1.23   Ulanow, Going home to D Wurtzel 1.26
     Perevoznik                      S Budd 2.6   Unsolved family problems V Stone 4.12
     Rosenfeld                        W Webber 2.14   W    
     Wasserzug                       R Forbes-Ritter 4.3   Weiner Library in London J Rosenberg 3.16
     Wertheimer                     M Nicholson 3.12   Woolf family in Birmignham N Woolf 3.20

J Gill

1.34   Y    
Finding my family C Newall


  Yarnton Manor yizkor books N Lamb 4.30
Footsteps in the past D Berger

1.31, 2.27, 3.23, 4.23


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