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Where titles do not reveal the name of the family or person being researched, as in Descended from the ferryman?" the articles have been indexed under the name(s) being researched, see Family Names.  The family name is in the first column and the author in the second. Book Reviews are listed under this title by author. An entry such as 2.9 means that the article is in issue No 2, page 9.


      Footsteps in the Past D. Berger 1.35, 2.35, 3.33

1.35, 2,36, 3,36,4.36

Freeman as Forbears

R. Wenzerul 4.22
Applicants for posts in the London Sephardi Congregation, 1879


  Friendly Societies R. Kalman 4.8
Art of survival, H. Jarvis  


  From Schtiebel to Showbiz V. Jablon 2.26
B       From Swiegals to Schwoltz! B. Valman 1.30
BOOK REVIEWS       G    
  Aaron, S. A Guide to Jewish Genealogy in Lithuania 4.27   Getting the name right M. Benson 2.30
  Auslander, J. Genealogical Gazetteer of the Kingdom of Hungary 3.34   Gravestones yield facts L. Messik 4.10
  Beider, A. A Dictionary of Jewish Surnames from Galicia 2.35   H    
  Freedman, M. 'Jewish' Schools of Leeds 1880 - 1930 1.20   Home Office Rules- OK! L. Culank 2.12
  Freedman, M. Leeds Jews in the 1901 Census 1.20   Hull - early Jewish immigrants A. Bennett 4.3
  Freedman, M. Essays on Leeds and Anglo-Jewish History and Demography 1.20   J    
  Freedman, M. 25 Characters in Leeds Jewish History 1.20   JC Index - a prime resource C. Fox 3.23
  Kagan, J. Novogrudok, the history of a shtetl 3.35   Jewish Genealogy in Denmark D. Fielker 4.33
  Lazarus, M. A Club Called Brady 2.34   Jewish soldiers in the late 1900s H. Pollins 1.12
1.12 White, J. Rothschild Buildings - Life in an East End Tenement Block 2.28   Jews of Losice - helping to save their history V. Lewin 1.21
  Carlucci, A. & Hall, D.                  British Library Maps and Collections 2.24   K    
  The Old Jewish section of Rookwood Necropolis Cemetery, Sydney, Australia CD 3.34   Keeping an old language alive S. Barry 3.32
C   L    
Cemetery - Hoop Lane, NW London L. Messik 4.10   Letters to the Editor   1.25, 3.7, 3.18
Charity Record Goldmine G. Rigal 1.3   Links to the Magid of Dubno S. Grossnass 3.4
Colney Hatch: the Victorian Mental Institution A. Jacobus 2.18 Lithuanian records research J. Diamond 1.18
Compensation and Counsins M. Howes 3.3   Living the high life in Notting Hill P. Bernard 2.10
Court Jews in Europe S. Miller 3.28, 4.28   Lonesome Tombstone   1.7
'Czeching' Out Your Ancestors P. Fleming 3.31   Lost Italian roots G. Marks 2.32
D       M    
Deaths of Two Heimans H. Dakers 1.32   Map collections of the British Library A. Carlucci & D. Hall 2.24
Dubowitzes of Pascetin V. Dubowitz 3.16   Most expensive hat in history S. Miller 4.28
E       Myer-Davis - the father of Anglo Jewish History C. Newall 2.3
Early Jewish Immigrants to Hull A. Bennett 4.3   N    
Ecologist and his Midwife A. Yamey 3.24   Naturalisation records at the National Archives R. Kershaw 2.6
F       New Zealand, finding Jewish ancestors N. Isaacs 1.22
FAMILY NAMES       O    
     Ascoli G. Marks 2.32   Once-Jewish Bennys A. Benny 4.24
     Barnett R. Wenzerul 4.22   P    
     Benson S. Miller 1.16   Photos often tell lies A. Shapiro 1.31
     Bergmann A. Yamey 3.24   Presidential Comment A. Joseph 2.14, 3.27, 4.21
     Black Y. Jones 2.15 Pre-war Jewish elementary education A. Jacobus 3.12
     Czaprak/Gold D. Gold 3.8   Pseudo-Levys of Bethnal Green and Spitalfieds A. Jacobus 1.14
     Davis C. Newall 2.3   R    
     Eisenstein H. Jarvis 3.10   Relation in the Chamber of Horrors S. Miller 1.16
     Gold D. Gold 3.8   Researching Lithuanian records J. Diamond 1.8
     Gompertz S. Miller 3.28   S    
     Grayman M. Benson 2.30   Sarah Lyon and her descendants J. Wolkovitch 3.20
     Hirschfield Y Jones 2.15   Sarah Lyon - the Leeds Connection M. Freedman 4.6
     Kaplan H. Kaplan 3.14   Sarah's second marriage A. Cohen 3.19
     Krantz S. Grosnass 3.4   Sephardi Congregation applicants   1.25
     Kutnowski A. Cohen 3.19   Slapoffskis of Oxford and Australia H. Pollins 4.12
     Mairants V. Jablon 2.26   So, who were they? M. Gordon 2.9
     Marks J. Romney Wegner 2.20   Story behind a painting M. Kaye 4.30
     Newfield P. Bernard 2.10   Strange series of events Y. Jones 2.15
     Schneider L. Culank 2.12   Summer by the seaside   2.17
     Seligmann A. Yamey 3.24   T    
     Teutsch M. Howes 3.3   Tracking my ancestors Down Under J. Romney Wegner 2.20
Finding Jewish Ancestors in New Zealand N. Isaacs 1.22   Tragedy of the Firth family R. Willward 1.26
Fior Tombstone   1.7   W    
Fischlers of Lancut S. Budd 4.18   Why aren't they smiling H. Kaplan 3.14
Finding my Father's Family D. Gold 3.8   Y    
        You think it can't happen?   2.28

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