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Where titles do not reveal the name of the family or person being researched, as in Descended from the ferryman?" the articles have been indexed under the name(s) being researched, see Family Names.  The family name is in the first column and the author in the second. Book Reviews are listed under this title by author. An entry such as 2.9 means that the article is in issue No 2, page 9.


  Grandpa's School Prize J. Sampson 2.31

1.35, 2.36,3,36,4.36

Aliens' Act, 1905 B. Diamond


  Hess, Genealogy of Dame Myra D. Honeybourne 3.33
Am I really Jewish? T. Salter


  Hore-Belisha, Lord M. Jay 3.29
Are we Levites or Not? P. Herman 3.6   How not to go on a trip! A. Levene 3.13
B   I
Ba'al Shem - Magician or Prophet J. Isaacs 2.19   IAJGS Conference, New York 4.25
Back to the Old Country - Lithuania 2005 H. Kaplan 2.9   Illuxt, Lithuania, Early Days H Jacobson 2.32
Irish Connections D. Sandersoon 3.18
Borders from Krakow J. Barder 2.27   J
Bell, Patricia - birthday wishes A. Joseph 3.19   J C Archives G. Josephs 2.18
Bernays: a remarkaable family A. Philipp 2.18   Jews in the Royal Navy from Trafalgar onwards G. Green 1.3
BOOK REVIEWS       Jones' family of dentists M. Hall 3.10
  Abenzur-Hazan L. Rechercher ses ancÍtres juifs 2.35   K
  Beare A. A Guide to Jewish Genealogy in Latvia and Estonia 3.32   Ketubah Translation   3.9
  Cermanova I. and Scheibova M. Hebrejskť zkratky: Hebrew Abbreviations 2.34   L
  Collins L. The Sephardim of Manchester 4.5   Letters to the Editor 1.19, 2.22, 4.20
  Fox C. and Issroff S. Jewish Memoria (Yizkor) books in the United Kingdom - destroyed communities 1.33   Lithuania - visit in 2005 H. Kaplan 2.9
Liverpool archives - see Merseyside below    
  Fry H. Jews In North Devon during the second world war 1.32   Locating Salford families A. Rabinowitz 4.34
  Isaacs J. From Slough to Netanya 1.34   London directories - the place to look B. Diamond 2.15
  Lewkowicz B. The Jewish Community of Selonika 3.15   Lord Hore-Belisha, pioneer of pedestrian crossings M. Jay 3.29
  Menk L. A dictionary of German-Jewish surnames 2.34   M


Rudick H. Linking the Threads, a tribute to a Litvak Tailor 2.35   Man with a mystery D. Hyman 2.24
Wagner E. Stand up Mr Jung 1.32 Marriage Authorisations J. Rosen 3.3
Wenzerul R.               A guide to Jewish Genealogy in the United Kingdom 1.34 Marriage Records and how to locate them 3.5
Wenzerul R. Jewish Ancestors? A guide to reading Hebrew inscriptions and documents 2.35 Max Heimann's death H. Dakers 4.14
Mediterranean merchant family R. Eshel 2.16
Wynnne S. The Galitzianers, The Jews of Galitzia 1772-1918 3.35 Merseyside Jewish Community archives H. Smart and J. Robson 2.6
C   Mobile milestones S. Fifer 3.23
Chairman's Report M. Woolf 2.2   Monnickendam memories H. Obstfeld 1.20
Chernivtsy, journey to J. Gunn 1.8 My journey to Chernivsty J. Gunn 1.8
Communal affairs in Shoreditch B. Diamond 4.8   My father's hidden family B. Gardiner 4.11
Conference Highlights   4.26   My Myers family D. Sanderson 3.16
Courtly couple in Berlin S. Miller 1.24   N
D   Nathan Simpson's legacy T. Clayton 4.3
Detective work on the Dorins M. Usden 1.28   New Jerusalem Institute S. Issroff 4.33
Don't come unstuck A. Macey 3.8   O
F   Obituaries
Family Names      

   Mark Usden

   Arbib R. Eshel 2.16

   David Wingott

   Barnett D. Hyman 2.24   P
   Benzaquen M. Jay 3.20   Poland visits    
   Bergmann A. Yamey and H. Hodes 1.14      Lesko A. Levene 3.13
   Buki B. Bookey 2.22      Lowicz B. Bookey 2.22
   Dorin/Doran M. Usden 1.28   Polish records unravelled R. Nash 2.12
   Fleischer A. Levene 3.13   Presidential Thoughts A. Joseph 1..19, 2.14, 3.19
   Fogel C. Tolkin 4.17 Prince Alfred schlepped here A. Yamey and H Hodes 1.14
   Friend T. Salter 1.23   R
   Gordon J. Hartley 3.30 Rasputin and my great-uncle A. Hasenson 2.3
   Hyman B. Hyman 4.6 Readmission of the Jews - 1856 and all that D. Berger 2.20
   Jones M. Hall 3.10   Royal Navy, Jews in the G Green 1.3
   Leibovitch A. Hasenson 2.3   S
   Liebmann S. Miller 1.24   Salus family of Bohemia R. Coman 4.21
   Levy T. Salter 1.23   School records, London J. Samson 2.31
   Reichenberg A. Yamey and H. Hodes 1.14   Scrapbook keeping A. Macey 3.9
   Seligmann A. Yamey and H. Hodes 1.14   Searching for Taube in France B. Hyman 4.6
   Usden M. Usden 1.28   Sounds Familiar? Aliens Act 1905 B. Diamond 1.11
Finding a ready made family C. Tolin 4.17   Successful trip to Lowicz B. Bookey 2.22
Footsteps in the past D. Berger 1.18, 3.29, 4.28   U
From Mozart to Munchkins: the Woof family A. Yamey 4.30   Unravelling the mystery J. Hartley 3.30
G   W
Geneological Institute, Jerusalem S. Issroff 4.33   Windmueller history G. Josephs 1.12


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