Family trees in the library

The collection of trees held in the JGSGB comes from members, former members, visitors and non members. They range from one page without dates or places to documents running to a hundred or more pages, fully annotated and illustrated. 


The Society takes no responsibility for accuracy, and suggests that members verify information included in trees. 


Surnames occurring at least 3 times in one tree have been indexed alphabetically. When a surname begins with "de", "van", "von", etc it is listed twice: e.g. Waal and de Waal.  This also applies to Israeli surnames like Ben Yehuda.  However, where only a patronymic is shown, e.g Zvi ben Daniel, it has not been indexed. Click here for the alphabetical list of almost 3,000 surnames showing the tree numbers on which each can be found. 


A and B trees were received between 10 and 20 years ago, though some include more recent updates and revisions. C is reserved for physically large trees which were previously stored in rolls, but have now been folded into envelopes. Most D trees have come into the collection within the last 12 years. A new category E has been added consisting of several new trees. Click here to see the A, B, C, D & E lists of tree in numerical order with main surname, period covered, key places and brief additional notes.


Copies of all the above lists have been installed on both the library laptop computers.


Submitting Trees 


Trees may be sent in paper or electronic form to Sue Woolf, JGSGB Library c/o Jewish Museum London, 129-131 Albert Street, Camden Town, London NW1 7NB, or by emailing with the subject “JGSGB trees”


Put yourself in the position of a member or visitor to the library when deciding what to include in your tree. Perhaps some brief notes on migration by individuals or families. You could add occupations, military awards, public office, etc. Consider whether or not to include the names of people still living, in view of the Data Protection Act and identifying personal details.  If you wish to be contacted by members or visitors, please supply address, phone or email.


Paper form, including laminated, can be printed or handwritten, but please ensure that they can be read with ease. Pages may be numbered. We appreciate an alphabetical index of surnames or full names, especially for trees with several hundred individuals.


Electronic trees. The library has 2 computers and a floppy disc reader. If submitting on CD or DVD please do so on commonly used software and include an alphabetical list of surnames or full names as a spreadsheet or word document as a file or hard copy.